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Clondalkin - New Communities

Clondalkin is one of the three new western Dublin towns proposed in the Myles Wright Report of 1967 to cater for the growing population of the Dublin Region. The other proposed towns were Tallaght and Blanchardstown. The basic concept of these western towns was that they would be major and partially self-sufficient communities which would in due course offer a large amount of employment. Between the early 1970s and mid 1980s these towns experienced rapid growth in population, continuing to this day.

The growth of population in the Clondalkin area has resulted in the growth of new communities within Clondalkin. Evidence of this can be seen in the development and growth of schools, churches, community facilities, etc. For example, this growth is mirrored in the Catholic parish system.

The pace of change is very clear when changes over almost 350 years are set against changes in the last 30 years. Clondalkin Catholic parish was constituted in 1615 from Clondalkin, Lucan, Palmerstown, Kilmactalway, Esker, Kilbride, Drimnagh, Aderrig, Ballyfermot and Kilmahuderick while Lucan Parish which was constituted in 1953 from Clondalkin.

Clonburris Church and Knockmitten Chapel were established as Chapels-of-Ease to Clondalkin.

Bawnogue Parish was constituted in 1977 from Clondalkin, Rowlagh/Quarryvale Parish was constituted in 1979 from Clondalkin, Neilstown Parish was constituted in 1979, Deansrath Parish was constituted in 1985 from Bawnogue and Sruleen Parish was constituted in February 1990.