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Saggart - Chronology

458 – Battle of the Slade at the Slade of Saggart between the High King, Laoghaire, and the King of Leinster. Laoghaire killed.

7th century – Foundation of Monastery of St Mosacre

1169 – Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland; Saggart retained as Crown property, becoming a royal manor, but bordering the lands of the Gaelic Irish.

1272 – Frequent incursions by the Irish tribes lead the King’s sergeant, Robert Owen, to recommend that lands at Saggart “near the land of war” should be exchanged for lands at Newcastle Lyons “near the land of peace.”

1311 – O’Byrnes and O’Tooles invade Saggart

1323 – Lands at Saggart become property of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

1387 – A ring of pure gold – probably a torc – dug up in Saggart.

1472 – Ditches dug to strengthen Pale.

1494 – More strengthening of ditches by order of the Crown: ‘double ditch of six feet high above ground’.

1535 – War waged between the Geraldines and forces of the Crown in Saggart.

1580 – Viscount Baltinglass, Feagh McHugh and 500 men descend on Saggart, burning the village.

October 1641 to March 1642 – Rebellion in Ireland; beginning of Eleven Years War.

January 1642 – Saggart village burned by 200 men under command of Sir Thomas Armstrong.

1760 – foundation of Saggart (Swiftbrook) Paper Mills

1798 – Rebellion by United Irishmen.

1800 – Acts of Union

1818 – Division, allotment and enclosure of Saggart Commons.

1845-52 – Famine in Ireland.

1849 – Dedication of Saggart Parish Church (R.C.)

1881 – National School established.

1901 – Jacob’s Bar opened.

1906 – St Mary’s GAA club founded.

1914 – Outbreak of World War One

1916 – Easter Rising

1919-21 – War of Independence

1921 – St Mary’s GAA club win the Dublin Senior Football Championship.

1922-23 – Irish Civil War

1942 – Dublin win All Ireland football final against Galway with five Saggart players in the team. One of them, Caleb Crone, won the All Ireland again, with Cork in 1945.

1968 – Swiftbrook paper mill closes.

1968 – Dual carriageway opens.

1991 – Dublin County Council grants planning permission for City West business park.

1998 – Rezoning of 29 acres of farmland for housing in Saggart.

2000 – (September) Planning permission granted for new 45,000 seater stadium for FAI, ‘Eircom Park’. Opposed by the Department of Defence on height grounds.

2001 – Swiftbrook Paper Mill buildings knocked down. (18-20 May)

2008 – Permission granted for Luas extension to Saggart.

2009 – Work begins on Luas extension. (February)

2011 – Luas Red Line extension to Saggart opens.